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Samsung aunches Five Cameras to its Line-up

PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:11 pm
by Pankaj
Samsung India has launched five new cameras spanning across its PL, ST and WB series, catering to different price points and feature sets. The range now includes PL100, PL150, PL200, ST600 and WB600 camera models. The PL100, PL150 and ST600 feature two displays - a 1.5-inch LCD front, in addition to the regular LCD display at the rear. Dubbed DualView LCD, this feature is handy when shooting self portraits. The other two higher end models WB600 and PL200 are outfitted with a 15x Schneider zoom lens and a 7x zoom lens respectively.

The PL100 comes with a 2.7-inch rear LCD screen and PL150 feature a 3-inch screen with 230,000 pixel resolution. Both feature 12 megapixel CCD image sensors and dual image stabilisation feature for steady shots. The PL100 allows 3x optical zoom with a standard 35mm lens, while the PL150 offers 5x zoom with a 27mm wide angle lens.