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Micromax Android A60 Review

PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 5:04 pm
by Pankaj
An inexpensive Android phone but at the cost of some compromises
Cute shape, decent battery life, fairly smooth interface speed, good connectivity (3G, Wi-fi, GPS), cheap
Resistive screen hinders usability, no Google Talk client, average multi-media, only dual-band support, camera does not autofocus, average call clarity

This was inevitable – the feature-stuffing, wallet-friendly Indo-china phones were in desperate need of a redesign of their annoying user interface; Google is their only answer. The search giant’s popular mobile operating system – Android – is open source, thus free for anybody to take and slap onto their hardware.

What fantastic ingredients – the Chinese ability to manufacture something insanely cost-effective, the decent UI experience from one of the most flourishing smartphone OSes, the front-face and customer support of a desi company. That’s exactly what we have today for test today and it’s called the Micromax Andro A60.